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Shane Williams

Partner - Wills & Estate and Family Lawyer

Telephone: (03) 9435 9044

Shane Williams is a partner at Tonkin Legal. He specialises in helping people plan their estates and is a highly experienced Family Lawyer.

  • Bachelor of Laws, Monash University 1985
  • Bachelor of Arts with Honours

Shane’s main focus is to help our clients ensure that their assets are passed on to the next generation in the most effective way possible and in exact accordance with their wishes.  Shane is also a highly regarded family lawyer, specialising in cases where there are significant assets to be protected via a pre-nuptial agreement or divided upon separation.

Shane  previously owned a city-based estate planning firm and also practised as a financial planner.

As you might expect, Shane is passionate about the importance of thoughtful forward planning. 

Our clients value his carefully considered and measured advice, his deep knowledge of estate planning, financial savvy and his ablity to guide them successfully through even the most complex of cases.  


  • Law Institute of Victoria
  • Law Australasia


Shane is a husband and father. 

He has persuaded himself that he is a gourmet, and has grand ambitions of one day learning to play a musical instrument.

Services offered by Shane Williams

Preparing a Will

Expert help to prepare a legally valid Will that explains what you want to happen to your family, property, assets and possessions when you die.

Visit Preparing a Will

Challenging a Will

Expert advice to help you challenge a Will.

Visit Challenging a Will

Pre-nuptial agreements

Expert legal advice on preparing, reviewing and negotiating prenuptial agreements for couples planning on getting married or entering a defacto relationship

Visit Pre-nuptial agreements

Powers of Attorney

Expert help to prepare legally valid Powers of Attorney to appoint someone to make decisions for you if are not able to make them for yourself.

Visit Powers of Attorney

Estate Planning

Careful estate planning helps ensure that your assets end up in the right hands, in the most suitable way and as tax-effectively as possible when you die.

Visit Estate Planning

Dealing with family violence

Our experienced Family Law team can provide expert legal support to help you protect you and your children if you are experiencing family violence.

Visit Dealing with family violence

Negotiating separation

Expert advice to guide you through the process of separating from your partner and negotiating child custody, asset division and maintenance payments.

Visit Negotiating separation

Pre-separation advice

If you are thinking about leaving your partner, it's a good idea to get legal advice before you say or do anything.

Visit Pre-separation advice

Administering an estate

Expert help to guide you through the process of administering the Will and managing the estate of someone who has died.

Visit Administering an estate

Finalising your divorce

Our experienced family law team will help you finalise your divorce and legally end your marriage, so you can move on with the next stage of your life.

Visit Finalising your divorce

A Helpful Guide to Successfully Navigating Separation and Divorce

Our free guide to help you successfully navigate separation and divorce. Essential reading for anyone thinking about or currently negotiating separation.

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