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A Helpful Guide to Wills and Estates

Our free guide to help you navigate Wills, Powers of Attorney and Estate Planning. Essential reading if you want to protect your assets and wishes.

Our Helpful Guide to Wills, Powers of Attorney and Estate planning was written by our experienced and helpful Wills & Estate Planning lawyers to answer the questions most commonly asked.  These include:

Why should I have a Will?
What assets are not covered in a Will?
Can I make a Will if I am ill?
Can I "leave" my children to someone in my Will?
What is the different between Powers of Attorney and Enduring Powers of Attorney?
Should I appoint a Medical Treatment Decision Maker?
What is Estate Planning?
We have a blended family, how do we plan our Estate?


  • Practical insight from experienced Wills & Estates lawyers to help you understand the importance of a valid Will.
  • Understand the mechanics of making your Will and how best to ensure your wishes are followed.
  • Learn the difference between Powers of Attorney and Enduring Powers of Attorney.
  • Understand what Estate Planning is and how easily a "simple Will" can easily become complicated.

What others say

  • "Heartfelt thanks to you for your handling of our recent matters. Your compassionate, professional and thorough investigations, responses and your expertise made the experience much less traumatic than it could have been."

  • Everything was done efficiently. Staff were all very friendly and helpful.

  • Ruby was courteous and professional during the entire will process. Ruby took the time to understand our life situation and have a few laughs during the process. We thoroughly enjoyed Ruby’s approach of being professional but not stale and dull.

    Grant & Robyn


Shane Williams

Partner - Wills & Estate and Family Lawyer

Shane Williams is a partner at Tonkin Legal. He specialises in helping people plan their estates and is a highly experienced Family Lawyer.

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Richard Tonkin

Consultant Lawyer

Richard Tonkin is a Consultant Lawyer and one of Victoria’s most experienced and respected Family Lawyers.

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