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Cassandra Rush

Family Lawyer

Telephone: 03 9435 9044

Cassandra is a member of our Family Law team.

Cassandra joined Tonkin Legal Group in June 2022 as a Family Lawyer.  Cassandra has a strong passion for family law having practiced in this field throughout her studies and career.  Cassandra brings with her a wide range of experience in matrimonial and de-facto matters including children matters, property settlements, as well as binding financial and child support agreements. Cassandra is committed to assisting her clients navigate their way through their family law matters with compassion, dignity and respect. Cassandra brings her expertise to complex property matters including businesses or entities, trusts and superannuation matters. Cassandra is dedicated towards ensuring that her clients maintain financial security into the next chapter of their lives.

Services offered by Cassandra Rush

Pre-nuptial agreements

Get your pre-nuptial agreement drafted by Tonkin Law. This is a very important document and you should seek experts in pre-nuptial agreement law to draft it

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Fixed fee pre-separation advice

As experienced divorce lawyers, we offer our clients pre-separation advice to help protect the best interests of everyone involved. Find out more online

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Negotiating separation

Tonkin Law has team of experienced divorce lawyers who can help couples in the process of negotiating separation while protecting everyone's best interests

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Finalising your divorce

Tonkin Law can help you in the process of finalising your divorce. Call us today to speak with one of our experienced divorce lawyers, confidentially.

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