With support from the Banyule City Council, the Tonkin Legal Group has put together three free on-demand webinars to help you understand the legal, financial and practical implications of separation and divorce.

1. Separating from Your Partner

 In the first free on-demand webinar “Separating from your partner”, I explain the key things you need to consider if you are thinking about leaving your partner and ending your relationship.  

The webinar answers the following questions about separating from your partner including:

  • How and when to tell your partner
  • How to protect your safety if your partner is violent or abusive
  • Whether you (and the children) should stay in the family home
  • How to make parenting arrangements for your children
  • How child support works
  • How to manage finances when you separate
  • How the assets from your relationship are typically divided
  • What to do if you and your partner own a business together.

Webinar time: 17 mins 10 seconds

2. Agreeing Parenting Arrangements

In the second free on-demand webinar, you will learn how to agree to child-focused parenting arrangements with your ex-partner following separation.

The webinar answers the following questions about agreeing to parenting arrangements including:

  • How to reach a parenting agreement with your ex-partner
  • What to think about when negotiating parenting arrangements
  • What financial arrangements you need to make for the children
  • What happens if you or your ex want to relocate with the children
  • When a child's time with a parent should be suspended
  • Formalising your agreement
  • When to get lawyers involved

Webinar time: 22 minutes 30 seconds

3. Negotiating Property Settlement

In the third free on-demand webinar, I discuss how to negotiate the split of assets (known as property settlement) from your relationship with your ex-partner following separation, answering frequently asked questions including:

  • How to negotiate an agreement on dividing assets with your partner
  • What process the Court follows when dividing assets
  • Identifying and agreeing on the value of your assets
  • What are the factors you need to consider when dividing your assets
  • How superannuation is treated
  • Formalising your agreement
  • When to get legal help.

Webinar time: 24 minutes 36 minutes.

We hope you find these free on-demand webinars helpful.

Get expert advice

Once you have had a chance to watch these on-demand webinars, we do encourage you to book an appointment with our friendly family law team to discuss your particular circumstances.  We offer a fixed price initial appointment.

While we appreciate that dealing with lawyers can seem expensive, getting good advice early will often save you thousands of dollars (and a lot of heartbreak) down the track.