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On-Demand Webinar | Agreeing On Parenting Arrangements

Watch this free on-demand webinar to learn how to agree parenting arrangements with your ex-partner following separation.

In this free on-demand webinar, Tonkin Legal Group Partner and Accredited Family Law Specialist, St John Heath explains how to agree on child-focused parenting arrangements with your ex-partner. 

In this webinar, he answers common questions including:

  • How to reach a parenting agreement with your ex-partner
  • What to think about when negotiating parenting arrangements
  • What financial arrangements you need to make for the children
  • What happens if you or your ex want to relocate with the children
  • When a child's time with a parent should be suspended
  • Formalising your agreement
  • When to get lawyers involved



  • Understand what you should consider when agreeing parenting arrangements with your ex-partner
  • Ensure you have protected the best interests of your children moving forward
  • Discover the various ways you can reach agreement
  • Learn about the legal process for agreeing custody arrangements and resolving disputes
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What others say

  • “Thank you again for your very compassionate and professional handling of the signing. It's not easy by any means but you are making it so much better for us.”

  • Thanks again for all that you did at Court last week - you were fantastic! I am really grateful to everyone at Tonkin Legal Group for facilitating an opportunity for me to finally move on with my life.



St John Heath

Partner - Accredited Specialist in Family Law

St John Heath is a Partner at Tonkin Legal Group and a leading Family Lawyer in Victoria.

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