The legal area of family law, as the name suggests, focuses on matters involving family relationships. More specifically, children, parenting arrangements, division of property after a separation, and divorce.

At Tonkin Legal Group, our family lawyers, aim to make the process following a breakdown of a relationship as smooth as possible, by providing you with pragmatic advice as to your rights, your obligations, and the best options for you moving forward.

Children and Parenting

Our family lawyers understand that every family situation is different and will require specific advice and recommendations to suit that particular family dynamic. Separation can have an impact on your children, and it is part of our job to ensure that suitable parenting arrangements have been made, post separation.

Family lawyers assist the parties to remain child-focused and will advise their clients to act in such a way that protects the children from harm and promotes an ongoing, meaningful relationship with both parents.

Division of Property

Along with parenting arrangements, your family lawyer will assist with the division of property between you and your former partner. This can include, real estate, motor vehicles, superannuation, cash, businesses, family trusts etc. Family lawyers will use their expertise to ensure that your best interests are protected, and that the outcome is fair. They will also assist you with formalising any agreement that you and your former partner may have reached, by way of a Court Order or Financial Agreement.

Intervention Orders

We understand that these matters can be particularly stressful and emotional. Our family lawyers can act for either the Applicant or the Respondent in Intervention Order matters and provide you with assistance in navigating through the Magistrates’ Court process.


Divorce is the legal ending of a marriage. This is different to a property settlement, which is the division of assets and liabilities. Contrary to popular belief, a Divorce does not resolve these matters of property, it is a separate process. Our family lawyers can assist you with both. Divorce is the legal process that dissolves your marriage on a final basis. An Application for Divorce can be made following at least 12 months of separation.

If you wanted to remarry in the future, then you must complete this Divorce process.

Our Tonkin Legal Family Law team can assist you with preparation of the necessary Court documents and will appear at the Divorce Hearing on your behalf. Book an appointment today.