Sustainability September - BLOG

Tonkin Legal Group – our journey to becoming a more sustainable office.

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important to those in the community, and therefore we at Tonkin Legal Group are taking active steps to become a better ‘Green Business’.

What is a ‘Green Business’? – to us, it involves becoming more conscious and forward-thinking about an improved Eco-friendly mindset being implemented into our office. Some important criteria of a ‘Green Business’ include incorporating principles of sustainability into workplace decisions and making an enduring commitment to environmental principles throughout the workplace.

We are already making sustainably-conscious decisions every day, starting off every morning with a coffee in our office reusable takeaway cups. This change has been welcomed with a positive attitude from all in the office and has already begun to reduce our daily waste. Additionally, rather than buying brand new notebooks, scrap pieces of paper are clipped together to create our own recyclable makeshift notebooks. Further, a majority of the stationary we purchase meets certain environmental accreditation including Australian Forestry Standard and Forest Stewardship Council Certifications.

In terms of our enduring commitment, we have established a Sustainability Ambassador role in the office, who promotes, researches and implements sustainable goals for their designated month. Suggestions for improvements have already begun since its implementation last month and have involved finding a sustainable replacement for mints provided throughout the office, as well as those who are eager to potentially green commute (that is use public transport, carpool or walk/cycle) to work once a week.

Generally, Tonkin Legal Group is committed to putting sustainability at the forefront of everyone’s mind in our workplace. We will continue to attempt to be a business that “meets the needs of the present [world] without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs” as per United Nations recommendations.

By Ash Soklevski