Our Network

Thompson Financial Services

What services do I provide?

  • Financial coaching & accountability
  • Create & implement a personalised financial plan
  • Mortgage broking
  • Personal protection advice (life insurance)
  • Superannuation review and management (inc self managed super)
  • Investment management and advice
  • Minimise tax

We’d be a great match if:

  • You don’t take yourself too seriously 
  • You’re committed to taking action and making progress
  • You’re comfortable with technology (emails, sms & online forms)
  • Family is important to you
  • You believe financial success doesn’t equal happiness, yet both is possible
  • You believe your success is your responsibility
  • Personal development/growth is important to you

We wouldn’t work so well together if you:

  • Are set in your ways and unwilling to change
  • Find yourself blaming others for your situation
  • Want me to give you the next hot investment or chasing returns
  • Prefer documents to be printed and mailed to you
  • Determine the worth of a service only on cost and not the value receive
  • Never say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ to wait staff at a café

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